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Guide to boosting your story views in 2023

Hello gorgeous business owners,

Are you the one who is posting stories on Instagram or are planning to do so to increase your presence and sales?

I have got you covered for it…

Stories are one of the best ways to interact with your audience, show them who you really are and what you do and keep them engaged.

Stories bring your followers closer to you and form a fun bond.

Here are my top 5 tips that will help you boost your Instagram story views:

  • Let your story expire after 24 hours - If you have been posting stories regularly and have noticed a drop in the views lately, this can be a great tactic to increase your story views again. Let your stories expire for 24 hours and then post your first story.

  • Use Engagement stickers - Instagram stories offer various engagement stickers like Polls, Question stickers, Quiz stickers and more. Utilise them to play games like this or that or some fun quiz related to your industry. This keeps your audience engaged with you and is a fun way to interact with them.

  • Show yourself - People buy from people and people connect with the person behind the brand more, hence showing up on stories now & then and having a friendly conversation with your followers will help you create an engaged community. Take them behind the scenes, or just give them sneak peeks throughout the day or just have a friendly talk.

  • Post stories in gap - Don’t dump all of your stories together, post your stories in gaps of 1-2 hours throughout the day, this won’t overwhelm your audience and will also keep up your audience’s interest.

  • Share unique content in stories - When you share exclusive content in stories, people will look forward to seeing your stories and wouldn’t want to miss out on them.

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