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5 Reasons why you are not growing on Instagram

Are you wondering why is your Instagram account stuck and does not seem to grow further???

The BIGGEST reason that we feel, why business owners like you aren’t growing on Instagram right now is because…

You are using the same techniques you used back in 2020…

Yeah, READ that again!

Instagram has evolved in the past 2 years and if you try to grow 📈using the same methods it is no longer going to be effective.

Remember Instagram is not dead…

Your methods are😮

✨You need to change according to the platform and implement strategies that will work in 2023.

Here are some OUTDATED Instagram methods that you need to stop using right away if you want to meet your business goals in 2023:

  • Follow / Unfollow method - It is not at all advisable to follow accounts just for the sake of following back. Instagram is now all about building engaged communities.

  • Sending cold DMs - DM feature is not for sending cold pitches but to build a connection and is a medium of communication with your followers. Use it wisely.

  • Tagging random people - Stop tagging random people in your post hoping that they will reshare your content. It doesn’t work that way anymore and you come across as spammy.

  • Posting 1 or 2x a week - If you want to see serious growth on Instagram it is no longer only about quality. You need to also increase the quantity of your post (but not by sacrificing the quality of your content). Increase your posting frequency.

  • Not using REELS - I still see accounts that aren’t taking the advantage of reels. Now is the time to add reels to your marketing strategy as video marketing is the best form of marketing in this era.

Hope this makes sense, and you will redefine your strategy for the coming year.

If you are confused about what your content pillars should be or what trends you must follow or find it overwhelming to manage both social media and business…

Book our free Social Media strategy session or Contact us today.


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